These are done.

Wyrd Sisters
Death of Rats aka Grim Squeaker
Nac mac feegle – Rob Anybody
The Great (small) god Om!
The Librarian & The Grim Squeaker

Down to the final bits.

This is the Seamstresses Guild (Ladies of Negotiable Affection). Red light, silver needles, yellow stars, purple/grey/black background, thread, lamp structure, and crest motto colors at the artists discretion. It should be about 3″ tall.

Other linking or filler elements

The artist may or may not use these as they see fit.

“Tower of Art”
Just the tower about 10″ high as a background piece. Low detail, almost a silhouette. Maybe “shrouded in mist.”
Looking for a pair of honey bees “in-flight” to be near the lilacs. (I like these) This will be up to the artist as he will know his limitations and what can fit where they are going